Welcome to Billy Goats Gruff!

Welcome to Billy Goats Gruff.  Here you will be able to walk, trot and run with us as my family and I travel a path to homesteading.  We have started our quest and are well on our way to our future on our homestead.  Our dream is to live as self-sufficiently as we can while making as small of a footprint as possible.  We want to grow and raise our own food, build our own home out of cob and basically live harmoniously with the land. 

I suppose I'll begin with our home.  There are many different methods and materials to build a house with, but the decision we made for our home was to build with cob.  Never heard of it?  Well, it's simply a mixture of clay, sand, straw and water that is formed into a 'loaf', and stacked to form walls.  We chose cob for many reasons.  First of all, cob is a very artistic medium.  Beautiful shapes, symbols and designs can be formed right into the walls.  There are also all sorts of things you can imbed into the wall such as coloured glass bottles, stones, shells, knotty woods, etc.  Cob is also inexpensive.  Especially when most of the materials can be harvested right off our land.  Cob does not require a veteran home builder to build the house.  Sure it helps to have some knowledge, but a good cob book and a bit of muscle is all you need.  Cob is naturally fire proof.  Although cob is not a very good insulator it does, however, have superior solar mass potential.  These are just some of the reasons we chose cob.  We might have went with straw bale, or maybe even go underground, but we fancied cob above all others.

The land we are searching for is one located in a descent hardiness zone, unincorporated, has a water feature, good timber, 20+ acres and of course, affordable.  I'm pretty sure we can hit most of these marks, if not all.

Utilities?  Well, we will be off grid so we'll be sporting some solar panels, rainwater catchment, a well, a cozy fireplace to keep warm through the cold season, propane, a generator for back-up and possibly, maybe, could happen.... a roof top wind turbine.  We will also be incorporating a root cellar into our homestead to keep them taters comin' throughout the winter.

For food we'll be shooting for 100% of home harvested goods (minus staples such as coffee, sugar, salt, etc.)  The garden will be as large as we need to insure sustenance throughout the winter.  We'll keep goats for meat and dairy, rabbit, chicken and honey bees.

We will need some type of income of which we have yet to decide.  Selling extra produce, livestock or crafts.  Or even part-time seasonal work.  I'm sure we can make anything work, we just don't want a 9-5 job that's for sure.

Homeschooling will be a big deal on our homestead.  At least through the elementary years.

And for fun,.... anything under the moon and sun.

As you can see, we have very big plans for our future, and are intent on seeing them through.  Sure it's gonna be a tough lifestyle, but who says the one we are living now is easy?  There's a quote out there some where that says, "Find a job that you love, and you'll never work another day in your life."  Well, I can't think of another job that is more satisfying, more gratifying and more fulfilling than working on my homestead beside my family.  We simply love nature and being in tune with it.  We want to reconnect with the earth.  Flow with the seasons, as the rest of the natural life around us does.  Just a simple wholesome lifestyle.

Currently we are living with Patricia's sister and her family on their five acre land.  It is here where our story begins.

(To follow our story, refer to the blog page.)